Wednesday, 26 October 2011

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My name is Nurliana Binti Saad. Just call me Yana. I was born 0n 6 April 1989 in Kampung Lundang,Kelantan.I am 22years old. I have 5siblings and I am the second child. Now, I live in Kampung Pasir Ara, Kelantan.

 I am living there with my happy family.  So, do you want to know about my family?????
Ok..let me introduce about them....

My father(Haji Saad Bin Awang) is a very kind hearted and responsible father. He works as a government officer in Lembaga Tembakau Negara. Now, he is 48years old. I love my father very much...

My mother(Hjh. Zaini Binti Yaacob) is a very caring and loving mother. She works as a  government officer in Lembaga Tembakau Negara. Now, she is 48years old. I love my mum very much...

My eldest brother(Mohamad Nazirul Hazman Bin Saad) is a patient person. He works as a radiographers in Universiti Malaya Medical Center. Now, he is 23years old.

My younger brother(Mohamad Dzulhakim Bin Saad) is a humble boy. He still studies in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Falahiah and now, he is 19 years old.

My fourth sister(Nur Azreen Binti Saad) is an active girl. She also still studies in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Naim Lilbanat and now, she is 14 years old.

My younger sister(Nur Namirah Binti Saad) is a very cute and naughty girl. She still study in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian (1) and now she is 8 years old.

I am grateful for having a nice and loving family. However,sometimes I had a hard time since there are a lot of challenges  as well.
I love to listen to music, reading story books and visiting my cousin's house in my spare time. Other than that, I also love to travel. My family and I always spend our holidays to go to famous places in our country.

On 9/1/2011, I got an offer to further my study in degree. I was very happy because this is one of my dream in life. I am taking Bachelor Of Finance, with Matric number 209850, stay in DPP Sime Darby. InsyaAllah I will try my very best to get the best result. My ambition is want to be a financial manager. So, start from now I must study hard and be more matured. I hope that all my dreams will come true...